Archive | November 13, 2012

Hot Dog Doughnut – 358.5 of 365

We won’t pretend this one was any sort of meal, but it was so bizarre it warrants a stop on this meandering food journey.  Let’s just insert it in between 358 and 359. Normally one would expect to walk into a bakery that has been open several hours and find a full selection of tantalizing […]

Cua Rang Fried Crabs – 358 of 365

We can’t arrive at meal number 365 without some final attempts at uncovering culinary weirdness, can we?  Well, I do suppose weirdness is in the eye of the beholder.  These cua rang, fried crabs, might very well be mainstream and normal in Hanoi on the side of the road heaped in a bowl awaiting the […]