Hot Dog Doughnut – 358.5 of 365

Hot Dog Doughnut

We won’t pretend this one was any sort of meal, but it was so bizarre it warrants a stop on this meandering food journey.  Let’s just insert it in between 358 and 359.

Normally one would expect to walk into a bakery that has been open several hours and find a full selection of tantalizing breads and pastries.  Well, for months now the new Tous les Jours at The Manor has fascinated me in that they can actually go most of the morning with an extremely limited selection of goods.  Maybe they just have a different sense of what constitutes good business over here.  One would think they’d try to catch the commuter crowd’s business with a full array of carbohydrate laden gut busting goods.

I know if we can’t say anything nice, we are supposed to keep our mouths shut, but seriously.  How can a bakery be open for hours and have just about nothing out on display day after day after day after day.  Ok, you get my point.

Since I only had only about half a dozen items to choose from, I decided to finally give the hot dog doughnut a go.  This thing has tempted me for years now at Tous les Jours outlets all over Saigon in that train wreck sort of way.  You know you shouldn’t be looking but averting your eyes is just so difficult.

No Selection Every Morning

Troi oi!  Why did I assault my body like this?  The hot dog was shriveled up worse than that leather handbag looking skin of someone who has baked in the sun for 60 years.  I am not kidding here.  This foolishness was dried out beyond recognition.  The doughnut left my fingers greasy and my tongue awash in an oil slick I fear will linger longer than necessary.

What I was woefully unprepared for though was the smear of ketchup across the length of this most interesting delight.  Silly me for thinking it might have been hot sauce.  Ketchup on a doughnut?  The taste of tomato paste on this greasy disk mixed with that insipid processed meat product left my taste buds gasping for mercy.

I couldn’t expel this offending mass from my mouth fast enough.

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