Archive | November 20, 2012

Xin Cám Ơn Thank You

Wow.  Here we are.  365 meals.  When I took on this project I remember wondering if I’d indeed be able to find a year’s worth of food worthy of a daily narrative.  I prayed my lofty goal wouldn’t crater about two months in due to a lack of variety.  Somehow the food gods smiled upon me, and this project […]

Phở Bò Beef Noodle Soup – 365 of 365

Phở.  Yes, phở.  Phở is our final stop on this diverse food journey.  What’s that?  You were expecting something a little more exotic like marinated pig bladder or five flavors chicken tongue for the grand finale?  Actually I am not even sure if those are edible parts of our barnyard friends, but I am going […]