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Bún Thịt Nướng Chả Giò Grilled Pork, Spring Rolls and Noodles – 364 of 365

As far as almost final Vietnamese meals go, this one is about as unlike anything I will find in America as they come.  And that is a great thing.  I do want to end this food journey with some memorable yet far from whacky selections.  Bún thịt nướng chả giò is a who’s who of […]

Goi Cai To Beef Salad – 362 of 365

This meal represents so much more than a salad of grilled meats, tomatoes, fried shallots, pickled vegetables and raw lemongrass.  Mixing everything together along with a fish sauce based spicy dressing sent me on a taste journey even a year ago I could never have imagined.  That I missed out on so much is mostly my […]

Sườn Non Ram Mặn Braised Pork Ribs – 360 of 365

I wish I knew how to tell the friendly ladies at Café 91 I am moving back to the US this week, and that their food the past year has been one of the high points of my time in Vietnam.  My limited vocabulary allows me to explain I am headed home, but learning how to say I […]

Heo Nướng Kiểu Nga Russian Grilled Pork – 307 of 365

For months now long walks through District 3 have taken me past a small restaurant called Quan Chieu Nay at 30B Vo Van Tan Street next to the War Remnants Museum with a cartoon goat of all things on its sign.   Eating goat has me on the fence as it is and this little sketch […]

Tôm Đồng Nướng Barbecue Prawns – 303 of 365

My friend Allie and I stopped by Hong Luyen in Hanoi’s Tay Ho neighborhood on the lake for some seafood.  I kept trying to order something other than the banh tom fried prawn cakes well known in this area, but the lady was hell bent on steering us towards these deep fried batter blobs with a crustacean in the […]

Gà Nướng Grilled Chicken – 297 of 365

I immersed a friend into his first street food experience and this one went down as one to remember.  We wandered over to Ngo Tat To Street in Binh Thanh District for a grilled dinner and along with the slab of meat came a slice of chaos.  And when I say immersion I mean a […]

Chicken in Oil – 296 of 365

An American friend and I recently discussed our mutual disdain for the average piece of Vietnamese chicken.  Anyone who has ever eaten some of this highly interesting stuff knows what I am talking about.  It’s a case of bird meats cleaver to become one hacked up mess.  Each piece is an abomination of bone shards, […]

Why I Won’t Eat Dog

An email yesterday asked when I was going to finally start eating something more interesting than every day Vietnamese food, more specifically something along the lines of dog.  Sorry everybody…some foods just aren’t even remotely palatable to me and most likely will never grace my dinner table.  A barbecue dish that woofed or meowed in […]

Chim Cút Nướng Grilled Quail – 269 of 365

A while back I tried to consume some grilled bird in Hanoi.  When I say grilled bird, I don’t mean a juicy boneless, skinless chicken breast.  No, what I mean here is the actual bird…something along the lines of fresh out of the nest bird like a sparrow or blue bird.  That meal was more […]

Sườn Nướng Grilled Pork – 247 of 365

Chinatown is quite the unique part of Saigon.  The guide book toting tourists are few and far between.  Actually let me reword that.   The tourists are mercifully pretty much nonexistent.  It’s about as non-Chinese as a Chinatown can be as well.  I can wander largely undisturbed around the streets that have seen better days to […]