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Goi Cai To Beef Salad – 362 of 365

This meal represents so much more than a salad of grilled meats, tomatoes, fried shallots, pickled vegetables and raw lemongrass.  Mixing everything together along with a fish sauce based spicy dressing sent me on a taste journey even a year ago I could never have imagined.  That I missed out on so much is mostly my […]

Thịt Bò Xào Kiểu Hàn Quốc Korean Style Beef – 359 of 365

Seeing how the Vietnamese kitchen interprets tough chewy chunks of beef with recipes supposedly from other lands is always a feast for the senses. While downtown with a friend on the hunt for the world’s tackiest souvenir, a brief shower of rain just about gave us the world’s biggest soaking. We ducked into Parksons Department Store […]

Bò Cuốn Lá Lốt Beef Wrapped in Betel Leaves – 352 of 365

Bò Cuốn Lá Lốt Several of our cabin crew asked me if I had yet tried bò cuốn lá lốt.  “Good for health!”  “Very delicious!”  “I like very much!”  They extolled the virtues of this dish while describing the preparation.  Now if one thing has remained constant on this food journey, it’s that if a […]

Bò Xào Hành Sa Tế Satay Beef And Onion – 342 of 365

Sometimes after a long day of flying a guy just wants to kick it at home without venturing back out, especially when the alarm clock is set for o’dark thirty the next morning.   And sometimes a guy just wants to kick it without even venturing 20 feet to the kitchen to prepare even the simplest spaghetti meal.  […]

Bò Sốt Cay Hong Kong Spicy Beef – 340 of 365

The game plan was simple.  I’d undertake one of my long megawalks and search out the latest and greatest in street food.  I’d then drop a pin in a Google map on my Iphone and send the location to a friend who’d then meet me.  Well, even the best laid plans sometimes go awry, and […]

Cơm Ragu Bò Rice and Beef Ragout – 337 of 365

As my time in Vietnam quickly winds down I am realizing how little I’ve actually completed on my to do list the past several years.  Isn’t it always like that living somewhere?  We just say one day we’ll just get around to being a tourist in our own town and then something pesky called life […]

Beef and Green Bean Stir Fry – 308 of 365

Trying to pay rent here is an exercise in endurance that worked up my appetite.  All I wanted to do was deposit money into the landlords account.  Unlike every other landlord in Vietnam she prefers Vietnamese Dong over dollars.  I had some of the amount in dollars so of course I needed to buy a […]

Tôm Thịt Bò Xào Beef and Prawn Stir Fry – 289 of 365

I ordered the steak and shrimp today and didn’t even have to think twice about the price.  Well, I almost had “steak and shrimp.”  Steak and shrimp always pair so well at fancy restaurants back home, and I do enjoy that combination.  You can just imagine my delight when I spotted something vaguely similar.  This […]

Bò Xào Tiêu Đen Beef and Black Pepper Stir Fry – 284 of 365

I had promised my friend Allie an introduction to banh mi from locally famous Nhu Lan downtown, and she was just so excited as we inserted ourselves into the unusually large crowd bobbing around its outdoor counters.  My enthusiasm began waning quite quickly though as I noticed a one of their sandwiches probably was not in […]

Macaroni, Beef, and Egg Stir Fry – 266 of 365

One of the best perks of living in Saigon is the never ending circus out in the streets.  Walking around here never gets old and a very early morning walk took me deep into a part of Binh Thanh District I had yet to explore.  Turning left onto a side street I had always assumed led […]