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Hủ Tiếu Bò Kho Beef Stew With Noodles – 246 of 365

Today on a very early morning walk through Saigon off the beaten path, a right turn down leafy Mac Dinh Chi Street rather than my customary left ended up unexpectedly expanding my food universe by one bowl of bò kho.  You may remember that great bowl of this beef stew (#163) not so long ago in the […]

Bò Kho Beef Stew – 163 of 365

Asking for one bò kho at an unnamed street food joint in Binh Thanh District at 15 Nguyen Van Lac Street only ordered mass confusion as no one seemed to know what I wanted.  So I pointed to it by name on a sign and all of a sudden choruses of “Aaahhh bò kho. Bò kho.  […]

So Long Rainy Day Blues

Rainy season is upon us in Saigon and the frequent downpours are cooling things down.  This is our “winter” and even in Vietnam comfort foods warm us up.   Here is a link to my latest article for Tuoi Tre newspaper and the text follows: http://www.tuoitrenews.vn/cmlink/tuoitrenews/city-diary/so-long-rainy-day-blues-1.72068 For those of us not lucky enough to hail from […]

Bò Kho Beef Stew – 106 of 365

Almost American style pot roast in Vietnam?  You bet.   Carrots softened from hours of simmering, beef about as “tender” as one can find in Vietnam, and a rich sauce all filled both a small bowl and my belly up.   The crispy baguette was a thoughtful addition to mop up the remainders of the rich broth a […]