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Cá Kho Tộ Caramelized Fish – 361 of 365

Troi oi!  It’s pronounced choi oi and these two simple words roll out Vietnamese mouths in reaction to just about any situation possibly arising in daily life.  Witness something crazy?  Troi oi!  Almost get hit by a motorbike?  Troi oi as well.  Someone surprise you?  Yes, you guessed it.  Troi oi indeed. Loosely translated as […]

Cá Kho Tộ Caramel Fish in Clay Pot – 189 of 365

Snakehead is a delicacy in Asia.  What image is dancing around in your mind right now?  Villagers waving dead cobras on a stick?  It’s actually much less benign than that.  I had never before heard of this fish until moving here.  And having only seeing it listed as “snake head” on menus, of course I thought […]

Proper Clay Pot Cooking – 63 of 365

Alright, who’s in the mood for some proper clay pot cooking?   Forget that caramel chicken mess thrown into its sad room temperature bowl from last week down in the backpackers district.  Oh, you’re asking what the heck is clay pot food?  Well follow me to Com 37 at 37 Ly Tu Trong and we will sample a most proper $1.50 […]