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Mực Nướng Thái Thai Grilled Squid – 146 of 365

People watching in Saigon always proves a fascinating glimpse into the controlled chaos constantly ebbing and flowing out there in the streets.  While watching the world haphazrdly drift on by at Loan at 37 Ly Tu Trung Street, I noticed the surrounding sidewalks explode into all out panic mode.   I mean this was crazier than […]

Phu Quoc Night Market Dinner – 105 of 365

Nine hours on a motorbike exploring this island’s rutted red dirt roads well off the tourist trail yielded a few nice surprises such as a great shrimp and pork lunch, women laying out fish to dry and even a few fish sauce factories stinking the humid air up to high heaven.   But who would have known […]

Teppanyaki Delights – 99 of 365

Living in Vietnam exposes how much in the west we take for granted, even things as simple as food.   We have so many items we don’t even give a second thought until easy access is no longer an option.   Welcome to the expat experience in Vietnam where substitutions and occasional hoarding are a way of […]