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Miến Gà Chicken and Glass Noodle Part Two – 302 of 365

Not so long ago a great miến gà crossed my path, and I thought what luck to find such an amazing treat in a Chinatown  back alley.  The wonderfully clear broth went down so nicely and left me wanting more.  Even the tender white meat chicken was of most proper sanitization for my western tastes. Fast […]

Miến Gà Chicken and Glass Noodle Soup – 286 of 365

As the sun sets in District 5’s Cho Lon area, better known as “Chinatown,” businesses pull up the welcome mats and once bustling storefronts fade into the darkness.   This isn’t to say that that the sidewalks completely roll up though.  The food carts and streetside eateries begin to appear out of the woodwork, and a […]