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Airplane Chicken – 187 of 365

Though this entrée is quite normal in an aluminum tube 39,000 feet high above Vietnam, I am not so sure it would fly in America.  First off, I had eschewed the fish for chicken in hopes bird served on a plane would be a lot different than miles below on the street.  Now I am not […]

Cơm Gà Edible Chicken and Rice – 145 of 365

Finally!!!  Sooner or later the odds were bound to flip to my favor.  As you know by now, chicken and I famously do not get along in this country, and I have even resorted to vegan plant based imitations to quell my cravings.  My ideal version of the poultry arts just doesn’t seem to exist over […]

Cơm Gà Chicken and Rice – 126 of 365

A city of 300,000 in the central highlands called Buôn Ma Thuột is the coffee producing capital of Vietnam.  It is also home to a most interesting poultry lunch.  This food journey began early in the morning when my purser asked our crew if she could order chicken for planeside delivery when we passed through […]

Gummichicken – 21 of 365

My hope…Succulent medallions of braised free range chicken pan seared with a savory blend of herbs and spices carefully paired with the freshest locally sourced Dalat vegetables.   Accompanied by a bed of the freshest steamed Mekong Delta rice. My Reality…Never before seen cuts of the bird wrapped in fatty, spongy, gelatinous skin swimming in a sticky brown sauce.   Plopped atop […]