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Phao Câu Gà “Bankruptcy Chicken Questions” – 272 of 365

The menu calls this one “bankruptcy chicken questions.”  Sometimes the translations over here are priceless and beg the hungry to give the food a try.  Anh Tuyet restaurant in Binh Thanh District has already provided me a delicious excursion into the grilled quail arts and I returned to find some answers as to how a […]

Why I Won’t Eat Dog

An email yesterday asked when I was going to finally start eating something more interesting than every day Vietnamese food, more specifically something along the lines of dog.  Sorry everybody…some foods just aren’t even remotely palatable to me and most likely will never grace my dinner table.  A barbecue dish that woofed or meowed in […]

Cơm Gà Rô Ti Roasted Chicken and Rice – 255 of 365

This morning I succumbed to laziness for a change and did not really want to venture far.  Besides, some looming rain clouds looked like they might unleash a damper on any expeditions into Saigon’s craziness.  Green Corner in my apartment complex offers its take on local specialties and a hand written special on a board out front […]

Gà Chiên Fried Chicken – 242 of 365

The last time I ate at this trusty “com binh dan” I could barely count to three. I’d stand there in the way gawking at all the selections sprawled across the table and then sheepishly point to the most innocuous choice.  That was then but oh how the times have changed (for the better).  Mama […]

Xôi Canh Đùi Gà Sticky Rice And Chicken – 226 of 365

The only thing consistent in Vietnam is its utter disregard for consistency.  I guess that explains the catchphrase over here of “same, same but different.”  Nothing is constant here though people think it is.  And for a country that really can’t seem to venture outside the box, I am so surprised that the chaos called […]

Gà Nướng Grilled Chicken – 203 of 365

Hanoi’s Grilled Chicken Street, or more officially Ly Van Phuc Street, is known to be the home of some amazing charred bird.  Since Vietnamese chicken and I just do not get along, skepticism mounted and pessimism reigned as I decided with utmost hesitation to give this block of sidewalk grills a try.  Numerous online articles raved about […]

Phá Lấu Nướng Grilled Innards – 193 of 365

The journey to and from the table for this street food meal proved as interesting as the meal itself.  My new friends Richie and Mimi enjoy street food as much as I and are definitely able to unlock a whole new hidden side of Saigon.  They held the keys to an entire meal of animal […]

Airplane Chicken – 187 of 365

Though this entrée is quite normal in an aluminum tube 39,000 feet high above Vietnam, I am not so sure it would fly in America.  First off, I had eschewed the fish for chicken in hopes bird served on a plane would be a lot different than miles below on the street.  Now I am not […]

Orange Chicken – 180 of 365

The journey to this plate of homemade orange chicken twisted and turned along a highly bizarre road.  This all began a week ago when I mentioned to friends my inexplicable cravings for a plate of Panda Express orange chicken.  Yes, that’s the Panda…the one and only at a mall food court or airport near you.  […]

Mango Chicken – 176 of 365

If I said “chicken with mango sauce,” what would you think?   Is a delicious image of succulent stir fried white meat pieces so carefully paired with a sweet and sticky fruit based sauce dancing around your head?  Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought, too while ordering takeaway from Lion City next to Saigon’s Intercontinental Hotel.  […]