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Lạp Xưởng Sweet Sausage – 319 of 365

A no name street food joint located at the head of an alley near 35 Ngo Tat To Street in the Binh Thanh District screams authenticity and after months of walking past it, I decided to finally take a bite.  The guy tending the grill has motioned me inward countless times to no avail, yet […]

Bò Bía Chinese Sausage and Jicama Rolls – 257 of 365

A Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar Burger at Carl’s Jr weighs in at a disgusting 1060 calories and 72 grams of fat according to the corporate website.   A chili cheese fry’s 46 grams of fat bust guts even more all across America with another girth enhancing calorie bomb.  We all saw the smelly disaster I brought […]

Cơm Tấm Cháy Giòn Đặc Biệt 7 Món – 233 of 365

I could easily spend a year sampling 365 mundane yet quite sanitized dishes at Jollibee, KFC, and even some interestingly insipid takes on spaghetti over here in Vietnam.   Domino’s even entices with the convenient buy one get one free Two for Tuesday deal at the outlet in my apartment building, and Subway can scratch that itch for […]