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Cua Rang Fried Crabs – 358 of 365

We can’t arrive at meal number 365 without some final attempts at uncovering culinary weirdness, can we?  Well, I do suppose weirdness is in the eye of the beholder.  These cua rang, fried crabs, might very well be mainstream and normal in Hanoi on the side of the road heaped in a bowl awaiting the […]

Bánh Canh Cua Ốc Crab and Snail Noodle Soup – 349 of 365

How could anyone not want to eat here?  A basic black and white tattered piece of paper straight off a printer advertising what’s on offer…a woman crammed in between a boiling cauldron and her food preparation table…squat stools lining the sidewalk between the muddy street and a rundown concrete building…a steady flow of people who […]

Cua Farci Stuffed Crab – 314 of 365

My search for something new and highly edible paid off on one of my long walks.  A friend of mine tagged along and his stamina crapping out after about the first hour steered us right into an early dinner break.  His tastes run more plain vanilla and eating street food is well outside his box.  […]

Súp Cua Crab Soup – 237 of 365

Sunrise and roosters stirred me out of bed at the crack of dawn much to my ire, and a refrigerator largely devoid of food greeted me.  And yes, even living 14 floors up in a highly urbanized environment is no escape from the annoying daily barnyard alarm clock.  I wish they would just eat those […]

Bánh Đa Cua Hải Phòng Crab Noodle Soup – 236 of 365

One would think I had learned my lesson by now that foods in Vietnam are best eaten in their native habitats.  In other words, Hanoian food is best left to joints in Hanoi and conversely Saigonese cuisine is best left to the street chefs in Saigon.  Why I thought that a restaurant advertising Saigonese cuisine in the foodcourt […]

Bún Riêu Cua Crab Noodle Soup – 230 of 365

My friend Allie excitedly told me about CNN Go’s website and a listing there of Hanoi’s top ten street food shops.  Now of course I am forever leery of mainstream lists of items I fully want to sample away from the western masses.  Throwing caution to the wind, we carefully mapped out a plan of […]

Cua Crab From The Street Market – 190 of 365

Introducing two friends to the street market behind our apartment towers led to an unexpected dinner.  As we slowly moved from stand to stand a conical hat wearing woman selling live crabs by the side of the road got their attention, and she began waiving one right at us.  Even though rope bound its claws, […]

Bánh Canh Cua Crab Noodle Soup – 179 of 365

When I found by chance Bun Bo Bao Tram just inside busy Alley 18A off Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, I vowed I would be back to try other versions of their amazing crab soup.  That I was able to drag along a friend who doesn’t even like seafood for another round goes to show good food […]

Cua đồng Sốt ớt Crabs In Hot Sauce – 178 of 365

Whenever a restaurant in Saigon boasts of cuisine from another corner of Vietnam, I have learned to take it all in with a gigantic grain of salt.  With this frame of mind I entered Lang Cua Dong Restaurant in District 3 at 18A/3/A3 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street.  They proclaim to “serve all healthy dishes from […]

Cua Rang Muối Rock Salt Crab – 34 of 365

I know little about Tet other than this simple monosyllabic word has the power to set an entire country off into some sort of manic hyperdrive in the weeks leading up to the lunar new year.  Then for about a week this entire country slams on the brakes as the Vietnamese turn inward to their families.  Visualize a […]