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Bếp Chay Thanh Nhẹ Deep Fried Cassava Pastry – 341 of 365

Bếp Chay Thanh Nhẹ I keep telling myself these grease soaked batter balls have got to be better than a breakfast combo at McDonald’s.  I mean, how bad can a handful of fried dough pieces be?  Well, judging by the lard grease slick in the plastic bag, I shudder to think what sort of hit […]

Mực Xào Cà Ri Curry Squid – 66 of 365

While on one of my four hour walks through steamy Saigon I watched a large group of overweight, Birkenstock and fanny pack wearing seasoned citizens emerge from a tour bus as bright red as their sunburned girth.   They passed right from their hermetically sealed, air conditioned cocoon into the equally safe confines of a gated and […]

Frogs Part II – 43 of 365

“It’s never the same place twice.”  Isn’t that line from some Marshalls ad campaign back home?  This random tagline popped into my head as I wandered through the everchanging Binh Thanh district on my way downtown.   I think Vietnamese streets have the monopoly on things never being the same place twice.  Sorry Marshalls.   A merry go round of entrepreneurs cram their […]