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Cá Kho Tộ Caramelized Fish – 361 of 365

Troi oi!  It’s pronounced choi oi and these two simple words roll out Vietnamese mouths in reaction to just about any situation possibly arising in daily life.  Witness something crazy?  Troi oi!  Almost get hit by a motorbike?  Troi oi as well.  Someone surprise you?  Yes, you guessed it.  Troi oi indeed. Loosely translated as […]

Xương Cá Fish Bones – 351 of 365

Fish has been largely absent from this food journey.  It’s not that I don’t like fish…quite to the contrary actually.  I just don’t trust the fish in Vietnam all that much.  I’ve seen large slabs of our ocean going friends festering in the hot midday heat at markets and can’t help but wonder if these […]

Cá Cơm Chiên Bột Fried Fish Pancake – 348 of 365

Cá Cơm Chiên Bột And to think at first I just thought this one was a stack of fried onion pancakes piled high in the metal serving cart on Ngo Tat To Street in Binh Thanh District.  Oh no…Nothing in Vietnam is that simple and naturally what one sees is not what one gets.  For […]

Cá Mystery Fish – 327 of 365

Torrential rains kept me close to home for lunch and I made my way down a flooded side alley to Café 91 right here in Binh Thanh District.  Of course the doorway to my feeding hole was blocked as usual by motorbikes.  Why can’t people in this country park away from the entrance so that people who […]

Chả Cá Khổ Braised Fish Sticks – 315 of 365

Some of my more interesting meals come from delayed flights at the Saigon airport when a trip to the employee canteen fills my belly up.  Today was no different and a coworker was kind enough to retrieve some food while I babysat the plane.  My instructions were simple…just surprise me and surprise me he did. […]

Cá Basa Chiên Xoài Fish And Mango – 228 of 365

Working on a magazine article at the Highlands Coffee in my apartment building took longer than expected and lunchtime now loomed.  From 11am to 2pm a special lunch menu with 59,000 Dong selections including a small cup of soup gave me an opportunity to check out how chain food versions of our street food favorites […]

Grilled Fish Patties and Pork – 221 of 365

Aimlessly wandering around Hue and environs on a motorbike opened up a whole new side of Vietnam.  I am able to go where the tourists would never dare step foot.  About 45 minutes outside the city are some beaches for which I had held high hopes.  Five minutes surveying the trash strewn shores were all […]

Cá Kho Tộ Caramel Fish – 212 of 365

Lunch #189 was a delicious clay pot fish made with my very own two hands at cooking school.   Remember that one with the snakehead fish also known as fishzilla?  Cá kho tộ braised in these pots has become one of my favorite seafood dishes in Saigon, and what better way to see how the seasoned […]

Cá Nục Grilled Mackeral – 209 of 365

The ocean really is pretty to look at but it sure can burp up some weird mess, and this fish meal did not prove any sort of exception to this rule.  District 3’s Huynh Huong Restaurant at 64 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street specializes in assorted fish dishes so here we go off the deep […]

Airplane Breakfast Fish – 202 of 365

Let’s change gears here and embark on a jet fueled field trip 38,000 feet above the Vietnamese streets normally providing so much tasty variety.   Unlike most of the western world, complimentary meals on domestic flights in Vietnam are a given on full service airlines.  And I will have to say for the most part this […]