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Cá Cơm Chiên Bột Fried Fish Pancake – 348 of 365

Cá Cơm Chiên Bột And to think at first I just thought this one was a stack of fried onion pancakes piled high in the metal serving cart on Ngo Tat To Street in Binh Thanh District.  Oh no…Nothing in Vietnam is that simple and naturally what one sees is not what one gets.  For […]

Cá Trích Chiên Fried Herring – 332 of 365

Café Chi Em in Hanoi’s Tay Ho neighborhood  is the right kind of joint for rice, meat and a vegetable on the cheap.  These com binh dan joints are a Vietnamese fixture I will truly miss.  With their loosely translated name of rice for the peasants, how can anyone not want to eat here?  And […]

Chả Cá Khổ Braised Fish Sticks – 315 of 365

Some of my more interesting meals come from delayed flights at the Saigon airport when a trip to the employee canteen fills my belly up.  Today was no different and a coworker was kind enough to retrieve some food while I babysat the plane.  My instructions were simple…just surprise me and surprise me he did. […]

Bún Cá Fried Fish Noodle Soup – 291 of 365

What’s better than a scorching hot bowl of noodle on a mercifully cool Hanoi evening?  Well, I guess I can think of a lot of other things too, but at least at dinner time, soup fits the bill.  And just when I always think I’ve just about tapped out the entire soup rotation in the […]

Cá Basa Chiên Xoài Fish And Mango – 228 of 365

Working on a magazine article at the Highlands Coffee in my apartment building took longer than expected and lunchtime now loomed.  From 11am to 2pm a special lunch menu with 59,000 Dong selections including a small cup of soup gave me an opportunity to check out how chain food versions of our street food favorites […]

Cá Cơm Chiên Bơ Fried Anchovies – 154 of 365

Months ago a friend and I watched two guys tuck into a pile of grilled bird product at Quan Loan at the corner of Hai Ba Trung and Ly Tu Trong Streets in District 1.  With the risk of an unwanted portion arriving tableside too great, we hesitated asking the waitress what these tiny bony delights were.  So instead my friend walked right up to the guys to […]

From Market to Table – 58 of 365

Think about that delicious meal you just shared with family or friends.   The pot roast and potatoes probably had quite the mundane journey halfway across the country from some Chicago factory to Salt Lake and finally to your kitchen where it all may have awaited its fate for days in the refrigerator.  The beef most likely arrived home in a plastic wrapped […]

Cá Bạc Má Chiên Fried Silver Fish – 40 of 365

About a year ago in Kuala Lumpur I met my friend Travis who enjoys traveling off the beaten path as much as I do.  He understands this mentality and forwarded me an article from the 17 January 2012 online edition of BBC.   The closing quote sums up what I look for out of life, and especially for […]