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Cơm Chiên Fried Rice – 312 of 365

Fried rice made an appearance early on in the food journey.  Back then I was somewhat skittish about most Vietnamese foods and that plate of cơm rang in Hanoi hit the spot.  Those little grains of carbohydrates infused with wok lard would have been at home in the US as well and I appreciated their […]

Cơm Rang Fried Rice in Buon Me Thuot – 136 of 365

You may remember the recent chicken and rice meal from Buon Me Thuot in all its fat, gristle and slimy skin glory (#126).  We journey back to Buon Me for another sampling of its fine cuisine, and once again an interesting meal has been delivered planeside for my crew.   This fried rice and spring roll sample platter is part of a […]

Fried Rice With Ocean Pieces – 12 of 365

The dish is actually crab fried rice but some of my Vietnamese friends have in the past referred to it as “fried rice with ocean pieces.”  I rather like their name better as it conjures up a little more local color.   Our cabin crew call ahead to Phu Quoc Island prior to our departure from Saigon and about 45 minutes later […]

Cơm Rang Fried Rice – 5 of 365

Who hasn’t suffered through a salty helping of food court fried rice in any suburban mall?   These plates of overpriced, crunchy grease kernals leave so much to be desired.  Am I off base here at all?    I am convinced that heap of yellow with canned peas and carrots only mission in life is to fill us up rather than provide any […]