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Phở Bò Beef Soup in America – 113 of 365

Pho Dai Loi 2 at 4186 Buford Highway in Atlanta provided my dad’s first foray into Vietnamese cuisine, and this was an interesting journey indeed.   The menu is simple enough with one page of soups, one page of rice based dishes and another with the noodle varieties.  I just couldn’t get my dad to commit […]

Phở Cuốn Rolling Noodle – 89 of 365

My friend Phuc introduced me to Phở Cuốn Huong Mai at 25 Ngu Xa Street in Hanoi for the grilled duck, and never in a million years would I have found this street food joint on my own.  Guidebook pages generally stop short of anything so local and far removed from the main tourist areas.  On the one hand […]

“Yan Can’t Cook” – 33 of 365

You know that “Yan Can Cook” dude on TV who tells us we can prepare a banquet of elaborate Asian dishes in our very own kitchens?   Yeah, that’s the one and only.   Well right there on a stack of Vietnamese newspapers in the airplane galley I saw his face and wondered what in the heck is he doing on the […]

Gỏi Cuốn Tasty Street Food Snacks – 23 of 365

The 68 story Bitexco Tower rises 861 feet above District 1.   So what does a gleaming new skyscraper complete with a Jetsons worthy heliport have to do with food?  Lots actually.  I was wandering around the base of the skyscraper and couldn’t help but notice what a clash of worlds the Bitexco is with the […]