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Gà Nướng Grilled Chicken – 297 of 365

I immersed a friend into his first street food experience and this one went down as one to remember.  We wandered over to Ngo Tat To Street in Binh Thanh District for a grilled dinner and along with the slab of meat came a slice of chaos.  And when I say immersion I mean a […]

Gà Nướng Grilled Chicken – 203 of 365

Hanoi’s Grilled Chicken Street, or more officially Ly Van Phuc Street, is known to be the home of some amazing charred bird.  Since Vietnamese chicken and I just do not get along, skepticism mounted and pessimism reigned as I decided with utmost hesitation to give this block of sidewalk grills a try.  Numerous online articles raved about […]