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Red Sauce Chicken – 83 of 365

I love this confusing dichotomy called Saigon.  One minute we’re listening to Will Smith rapping “Summertime” at the Circle K convenience store.  Just minutes later we do a slow cook in the summertime heat at a halal food joint located in a dress shop while the Disney Channel plays on an old tv set looking […]

Fish in A Dress Shop – 74 of 365

I’ve eaten a sandwich out of a film shop and now curry fish in a dress shop.   What’s next?  Bun cha at a pet store?  Actually, I could see that happening here.  But let’s forget the mental image of where that meat might come from.  I suppose the closest American equivalent to dress shop fish […]

A Non-Pork Pork Soup – 54 of 365

My friend Kevin has opened the doors to a side of Saigon’s cuisine relatively untouched by us western folk.   His website gohalalplanet.com assists mainly Indonesian and Malaysian visitors to Vietnam who seek out halal cuisine.  For a second time in so many weeks I hopped on the back of his motorbike and off we went into the […]

A Different Way to Eat – 44 of 365

Just when I thought I had been doing a fairly decent job of staying mostly off the tourist trail here in Saigon, I met Kevin who keeps a website at gohalalplanet.com to assist halal travelers find appropriate dining choices in Southeast Asia.  He took me on my latest food adventure where I crossed paths with […]