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Bún Mọc Hà Nội “Forced Meat Noodles” – 169 of 365

What I am about to write is food blasphemy to the highest degree.  My dear Vietnamese friends especially, you are most likely already comfortable seated in a chair but please brace yourselves nonetheless.   Well, here goes…I am just not a huge fan of regular phở.  A collective gasp is washing all across Vietnam now, and yes, you read […]

Bún Mọc Hà Nội Hanoi Vermicelli Noodles – 137 of 365

What is that expression about art imitating life?   A few friends and I piled into a taxi to head over to my favorite vegetarian restaurant here in Saigon since they were eager to expand their food base.   The driver took one look at our smiling white faces in his backseat and turned up some good ole […]