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Lẩu Bò Kim Chi Beef and Kim Chi Hot Pot – 309 of 365

Lẩu bò kim chi is Vietnamese for lawsuit waiting to happen.  Raw meat.  Searing hot cooking apparatus on the table.  Flames shooting out of holes in the cooking pot.  Yes, this is lunch with a side of danger for the clumsy.  Many months ago a seafood hot pot crossed this food journey’s path, and I […]

Red Hot Flaming Pot – 98 of 365

Let’s picture this particular lunch in an American mall food court near you.   How many things can you see going wrong with this scene…a fiery paraffin ball, a red hot aluminum cooking vessel, oily boiling liquid, and raw chicken and seafood.   One bump of the table and this flaming salmonella party isn’t going to end so pretty. No, […]