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Cơm Gà Ngũ Vị Chicken Strips With Salad – 326 of 365

Vietnam is so much more than just rice, rice, and more rice as my latest and greatest lunch proves.  Well, let me clarify that a little bit since a heap of rice did arrive on the side with this one.  But you get what I mean…this one wasn’t based on rice somehow as in noodle […]

Gà Rán KFC – 287 of 365

The planets just didn’t align today for another amazing round of street food.  Something pesky called work along with something even peskier called rain kept my wanderlust locked up this morning.  Yes, I could have gotten out and about for a while had a tried but being lazy was just easier this time. And this […]

Flava Roast KFC Chicken – 172 of 365

Ordering fast food in Vietnam puts patience to the test.  More often than not the person behind the counter will tell you that most frustrating expression found from one tip of this country to the other, “You wait some minutes.”  Some minutes spans a nebulous period of time ranging from somewhat imminent to eternity.  I […]

The Zinger – 38 of 365

With yesterday’s cooking disaster behind me and my apartment nicely aired out, I decided to let someone else do the cooking.  However, the remaining days of Tet simplified the selection in my neighborhood to just about KFC or Dominos.   No pho. No frog legs.  Not even a bowl of chicken innards.   Most everything is closed.  What’s a […]