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Lunch Lady on Saturday – 335 of 365

The Lunch Lady made famous by Anthony Bourdain serves a day of the week specific meal deep in a residential neighborhood off Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street on the fringes of District 1.  Almost six months have passed since one of her soups has passed between my lips.  My how time flies.  Suddenly I realized […]

Lunch Lady on Sunday – 151 of 365

Recently I departed the Lunch Lady’s domain with no clue what that delicious Thursday special had been.  This time I arrived armed with paper and pen but turns out I had no need to shove them in the Lunch Lady’s face for her to write down what Sunday brings.  Remember the Phnom Phen noodle soup […]

Lunch Lady on Thursday – 135 of 365

A friend of mine has visitors in town who had heard about the Lunch Lady made famous by Anthony Bourdain.  With dining at a celebrity sidewalk café a strong motivator to jump into more off the beaten path parts of Saigon, the four of us set out on a culinary pilgrimage to sample the Lunch […]

Lunch Lady on Friday – 127 of 365

The Lunch Lady hasn’t been on my food circuit in a few weeks so back I went to check out her Friday offerings.  This woman made famous by Anthony Bourdain serves a day specific meal to anyone willing to venture to the edge of District 1 just near the Nguyen Thu Minh Khai Street bridge into the Binh […]

Lunch Lady on Tuesday – 110 of 365

The fetid stink rising off the murky, presumably sewage laden canal separating Binh Thanh and District 1 envelops the short concrete bridge stretching across it.   Quick passage across is usually the only thing on my mind as our hot days stir up a maladorous air only possible in Vietnam.  On this very bridge I crossed paths with a guidebook clutching tourist obviously lost as not many westerners […]

Lunch Lady on Wednesday – 27 of 365

Two German tourists I recently met had their appetites set on a food experience that is well known, tasty and memorable.  In a city as colorful and vibrant as Saigon, filling this trifecta should be easy enough.  The Lunch Lady perhaps?  I explained how each day of the week brings a different dish, and off […]

Lunch Lady on Monday – 6 of 365

No, Saigon’s Lunch Lady is not even remotely related to the hair net wearing women we all remember from elementary school.  And luckily for all of us this modern day street food lunch lady serves up much more appetizing items than the the cafeteria’s meat patties and soggy pizza squares.  One of my friends from work had […]