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Mì Quảng Quang Noodle Soup – 338 of 365

Yes, we’ve stopped along the way already to sample this broth and noodle dish popularly known as mì Quảng.  One at Binh Thanh Market was passable; another attempt from a restaurant in town was truly deplorable.  Much like my quest for bun cha, finding the perfect bowl of mì Quảng in Saigon has been quite […]

Mì Quảng – 267 of 365

I truly am sorry I can’t always bring the best of Vietnamese cuisine to the curious here.  Yes, it was bound to happen, and it finally did.  I am surprised it took 264 meals though.  This is a meal summed up in one word: disgusting.  And I use the term meal loosely as this bowl […]

Mì Quảng Quang Noodle Soup in Phan Thiet – 200 of 365

I took my rented motorbike for one last spin in Phan Thiet and knew not where the road lead for breakfast.  Even at 6:30am the steady stream of two wheeled chaos defies traffic rules and regulations and the streets become a wild, wild west free for all.  Somehow I arrived downtown in one piece after a […]

Mì Quảng in America – 116 of 365

Success!  Atlanta’s Vietnamese community centered around Buford Highway finally delivered a meal much like the “old country” back in Vietnam.  And don’t worry; we will be back on the hunt for the best Vietnam offers in less than a week now with my return to Saigon this weekend.   I do hope this journey into the […]

Mì Quảng and More – 79 of 365

“Ăn kĩ no lâu” goes the Vietnamese proverb.  I know, Don’t worry…I had no clue either what it meant until I asked Anthony.   His translation of “as much as you chew food, as long as you’re full” gets us in the ballpark in an abstract sort of way though still a bit short of clarity.  […]