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Mì Sủi Cảo Noodle and Won Ton Soup – 363 of 365

A dose of cool, nonhumid air got me out on foot on my last work overnight in Hanoi but hunger stopped short my wanderings on Xuan Dieu Road in the Tay Ho neighborhood.  The trusty old won ton soup joint across from Tracy’s drew me right in, and this basic concrete hut has nourished me enough in […]

Mì Sủi Cảo Wonton Soup – 204 of 365

The world must be off its axis.  Back home in Atlanta the temperature soared to a record breaking 106 degrees recently and Hanoi, which should be hitting 100+ was cool, cloudy any maybe upper 70s in the morning.  This type of weather makes getting out and exploring new foods even more enticing, and that steaming […]