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Mì Xào Huế Hải Sản Hue Stirfry Noodles and Seafood – 192 of 365

With the amount of signs plastered all over the joint, one has no doubt Quan Hong Hanh at 11A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai in District 1 specializes in the cuisine of Hue.  This central Vietnam city pronounced “Hway” is known for fiery dishes I thoroughly enjoy.  Perhaps a food pilgrimage to the actual city is in […]

Mì Xào Beef Noodles in Hanoi – 142 of 365

Now I am thoroughly confused.  Mì xào.  Two simple monosyllabic words even I can pronounce.  Mee saooowa.  See…simple.  Now what is not so simple is trying to determine what mì xào actually is as it seems to be fully open to interpretation.  Let’s recap.  Mì xào in America was noodles deep fried into crunchy cakes.   […]

Mì Xào Noodles and Grilled Meat – 130 of 365

Only one week back in Vietnam and any semblance of self control towards food has flown out the window.  Having copious amounts of highly edible and insanely cheap street foods has caused me to fall completely off the calorie counting wagon here.  This must be how people bound by the shackles of some fad diet feel […]

Mì Xào in America – 121 of 365

Conspicuously absent, in Atlanta at least, are the great street food classics such as pork stuffed squid, pork stuffed tofu with tomato sauce, crispy fish filets, snails, eel, and the list goes on.  Basically we have three tiers to the  American interpretation of the Vietnamese food pyramid… well known phởs, basic grilled meats on top of vermicelli and the […]

Ramen Noodles??!! – 65 of 365

My sampling of Vietnam’s delights happens not through any prism of classical chef training or experience as a food critic but rather simply by what tastes good to me.  You and I are probably a lot alike in this way…we just know what makes us say, “Wow.  Seconds please.”  A simple Double-Double from In-N-Out Burger usually excites me more than any […]