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Cá Basa Chiên Xoài Fish And Mango – 228 of 365

Working on a magazine article at the Highlands Coffee in my apartment building took longer than expected and lunchtime now loomed.  From 11am to 2pm a special lunch menu with 59,000 Dong selections including a small cup of soup gave me an opportunity to check out how chain food versions of our street food favorites […]

Bánh Tôm Shrimp Cakes – 90 of 365

A strip of several open air restaurants selling bánh tôm and snails lines a narrow street making a 90 degree turn at a lakeside temple in Hanoi’s Tay Ho neighborhood.  As with most mom and pop businesses in Vietnam, shops selling a certain product or service cluster in groups under the assumption locating next to the competition […]

Fish Sauce . . . The Vietnamese Ketchup?

http://www.tuoitrenews.vn/cmlink/tuoitrenews/city-diary/fish-sauce-the-vietnamese-ketchup-1.64038 This is my latest article in the Tuoi Tre newspaper here in Vietnam. If the link doesn’t work for you, below is the text: One of the greatest joys of living abroad is constant exposure to food ingredients so different from back home.  Some tantalize our senses and bring pure eating joy to the […]

Fried Rice With Ocean Pieces – 12 of 365

The dish is actually crab fried rice but some of my Vietnamese friends have in the past referred to it as “fried rice with ocean pieces.”  I rather like their name better as it conjures up a little more local color.   Our cabin crew call ahead to Phu Quoc Island prior to our departure from Saigon and about 45 minutes later […]

Baby Steps into the Cuisine – 10 of 365

A coworker’s restaurant cooking up the local specialties is a short taxi ride away from the westernized world of my apartment tower.  What better place to really jumpstart a culinary journey deep into Vietnam than at a restaurant owned by an acquantance who can walk me through the cuisine.  This morning my friend Crystal and I set out to try something […]