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Ốc Snail – 157 of 365

Deep in District 3 at 138 Vo Van Tan is a restaurant called Quan An 138.   With its open front, serving pans full of items that give great pause, and electric fans desperately trying to stir the hot, humid air, this place really is no different than any other street food joint littered across the cityscape.  What […]

Ốc Hấp Xả Cuộn Tía Tô Snail Balls – 71 of 365

The street market behind my apartment tower both fascinates and revolts with its piles of unidentifiable meat offerings. Anyone brought up on the predictable blandness lining the shelves of a clean American grocery store can’t help but rubberneck at all the crazy crap people eat over here. An elderly man selling snails off the back […]