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Magazine Article About Phan Thiet

I recently ventured up the coast to Phan Thiet and spent a few days wandering around the back roads looking for a side of Vietnam far off the tourist trail.  This magazine article for Vietnam Heritage came about from that trip.

Chả Cá Fish Loaf in Phan Thiet – 201 of 365

Vietnamese wet markets fascinate me to no end.  No matter how many times I patrol the narrow passageways inside these damp, fragrant, run down buildings, the melee never ceases to amaze.  Somewhere along the way I have completed my metamorphosis from gawking observer to hesitant participant.  To be sure I still whip out my camera […]

Mì Quảng Quang Noodle Soup in Phan Thiet – 200 of 365

I took my rented motorbike for one last spin in Phan Thiet and knew not where the road lead for breakfast.  Even at 6:30am the steady stream of two wheeled chaos defies traffic rules and regulations and the streets become a wild, wild west free for all.  Somehow I arrived downtown in one piece after a […]

Mực Một Nắng Sun Dried Squid in Phan Thiet – 199 of 365

Mực một nắng or sun dried squid is a Phan Thiet specialty.  The sun’s rays dry the squid a full day before five minutes of grilling complete the seafood’s journey.  Of course when I randomly learned of this local delight, I vowed I would not to leave here without at least sampling it.  And let the […]

Hủ Tiếu Hải Sản Seafood Noodle Soup – 198 of 365

If I like something I tend to overdo it until I tire of it.  But isn’t gluttony such a wonderful feeling while it lasts?  Since the beef and onion at Kim Anh Quan went down so well, I decided to return once again for breakfast rather than chance an entirely new place.  The previous day’s meal […]

Bò Xào Lăn Beef With Onion in Phan Thiet – 197 of 365

The friendly folks at my hotel were completely confused why I did not want to eat there.  First of all, the whole purpose of this trip to Phan Thiet is research for a magazine article.   Research for me means getting down and dirty with the locals including at their favorite food joints rather than overpriced […]

Bánh Mì Chả Lụa Sausage Sandwich – 196 of 365

A few amazing meals will hopefully be the tasty byproducts of a few days spent in Phan Thiet researching for a magazine article.  Taking the train to this beachside town was a tactical miscalculation of mammoth proportions on my part.  Why did I think this would be a serene jaunt through rice paddies while basking […]