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Bún Thịt Nướng in Phu Quoc – 184 of 365

For weeks now my coworkers have raved about a pork and noodle dish available on Phu Quoc Island early in the morning.  The purser calls ahead to the airport station manager who then arranges for the food to miraculously appear planeside during the 25 minute ground time.   Now how’s that for service as early as […]

Phu Quoc Part 2

In May I had part 1 of my Phu Quoc article published in Vietnam Heritage Magazine.  Part 2 now appears in the June edition.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed exploring the island to write it.  The picture on the cover is one I took of fish drying on the road.  […]

Phu Quoc

This is part one of a two part series about a day I spent wandering around Phu Quoc Island’s more off the beaten path areas.  I hope it maybe inspires you to find your own trail away from the standard tourist stops.  This appears in the May 2012 edition of Vietnam Heritage and the second half will […]

Bò Kho Beef Stew – 106 of 365

Almost American style pot roast in Vietnam?  You bet.   Carrots softened from hours of simmering, beef about as “tender” as one can find in Vietnam, and a rich sauce all filled both a small bowl and my belly up.   The crispy baguette was a thoughtful addition to mop up the remainders of the rich broth a […]

Phu Quoc Night Market Dinner – 105 of 365

Nine hours on a motorbike exploring this island’s rutted red dirt roads well off the tourist trail yielded a few nice surprises such as a great shrimp and pork lunch, women laying out fish to dry and even a few fish sauce factories stinking the humid air up to high heaven.   But who would have known […]

Phu Quoc Lunch – 104 of 365

Renting a motorbike and cruising the dirt backroads of Phu Quoc has opened my eyes to how the other half lives and gave me some serious hunger as well.  After making a large sunburned loop around the northern half of the island the main “highway” sucked me right back into centrally located Duong Dong Town, a sweltering heat […]

Phu Quoc Phổ Breakfast – 103 of 365

You just know a great trip is in store when the only English the hotel bellhop seems to know is, “How many girl you want for breakfast?  One?  Two?  Three?”  Someone obviously has taught him this phrase for a reason, and he wouldn’t even know how to count to three unless some past situation had risen to the occasion of […]

Fried Rice With Ocean Pieces – 12 of 365

The dish is actually crab fried rice but some of my Vietnamese friends have in the past referred to it as “fried rice with ocean pieces.”  I rather like their name better as it conjures up a little more local color.   Our cabin crew call ahead to Phu Quoc Island prior to our departure from Saigon and about 45 minutes later […]