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Gà Xào Sả Ớt Lemongrass Chicken – 330 of 365

Gà Xào Sả Ớt The Pleiku airport has nourished me more times than I can count with containers of stir fried noodles and fried rice with a greasy sunny side up egg.  By now you’ve probably figured out most eggs generally make a one way trip from my plate to the trash can.  I so […]

Pleiku Airport Noodles – 149 of 365

Way back when in the beginning we sampled some fairly decent fried rice (#5) from the Pleiku airport in the central highlands.   Typhoon Pakhor even spawned an emergency meal there cobbled together from leftovers and ramen (#109).  Back we go for another meal straight from the same customer buffet in the gate area.   Don’t worry…this […]

Typhoon Pakhar Ramen Noodles – 109 of 365

Typhoon Pakhar blew through and in its most disruptive wake left behind an interesting meal my chopsticks might have otherwise given a pass.  Actually I take that back…under normal circumstances I’d have never touched this mess.   Well, perhaps were I a starving college kid on a budget cheaper than even Taco Bell, maybe I would […]

Cơm Rang Fried Rice – 5 of 365

Who hasn’t suffered through a salty helping of food court fried rice in any suburban mall?   These plates of overpriced, crunchy grease kernals leave so much to be desired.  Am I off base here at all?    I am convinced that heap of yellow with canned peas and carrots only mission in life is to fill us up rather than provide any […]