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Xôi Mặn Sticky Rice with Shrimp, Pork and Egg – 355 of 365

Xôi Mặn Unlike other sticky rice breakfasts in Saigon, this one is more savory than sweet.  Cutting the sugar and adding spice created something I rather enjoyed quite nicely.  This sidewalk delight bought off the back of a cart is a who’s who of everything possible out in the wild streets. Actually, let me back […]

Tấm Kẹp Ngũ Vị Broken Rice Burger Bites – 288 of 365

My friend Allie is in town from Hanoi and admits to not being the greatest of street food fans.  Come to think of it, she isn’t really all that great of a connoisseur of most Vietnamese foods.  That’s ok though.  Having different tastes is what makes the world an interesting place for us all, and […]

Bắp Xào Tôm Corn Cakes and Shrimp – 261 of 365

Towards the end of one of my three hour walks I passed a pushcart on Ngo Tat To Street in Binh Thanh District that seemed to be the hottest drive through in town.  Several motorbikes were jockeying for position on the already limited sidewalk real estate and thus blocking my passage. If you can’t beat […]

Hanoi Airport Sandwich – 258 of 365

Airports in America have the usual suspects such as Burger King, McDonald’s and even the occasional Taco Bell.   With the exception of a few Burger Kings at Saigon’s international terminal, the choices here are local food everywhere else.   As long as you like local food no worries at all.   But even this local food is done […]

Sticky Rice With Pork Floss – 42 of 365

The ethnic food section at the grocery store used to seem so exotic with the fancy three foot wide display of soy sauce, ramen noodles and bottled teriyaki marinades.   Oh how times have changed now that the entire city of Saigon is my ethnic food aisle, and I am sampling foods I doubt will ever grace a shelf at Safeway.  […]