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Tôm Đồng Nướng Barbecue Prawns – 303 of 365

My friend Allie and I stopped by Hong Luyen in Hanoi’s Tay Ho neighborhood on the lake for some seafood.  I kept trying to order something other than the banh tom fried prawn cakes well known in this area, but the lady was hell bent on steering us towards these deep fried batter blobs with a crustacean in the […]

Tôm Thịt Bò Xào Beef and Prawn Stir Fry – 289 of 365

I ordered the steak and shrimp today and didn’t even have to think twice about the price.  Well, I almost had “steak and shrimp.”  Steak and shrimp always pair so well at fancy restaurants back home, and I do enjoy that combination.  You can just imagine my delight when I spotted something vaguely similar.  This […]

Đậu Rồng Dragon Beans – 96 of 365

A strange green vegetable with four wing looking sides is my latest and greatest street market find.  And as always, this market journey ended with busybody housewives pulling open my plastic bags without first asking to satisfy that nagging question of just what in the heck would a western guy buy.  Their excited “oooooaaaaahhs” at […]

Street Market Prawns – 84 of 365

My long slide into street market culture began almost two years ago with a few pieces of fruit every now and then acting as a sort of gateway drug.   Bushels of fresh herbs and vegetables came along next in the past few weeks to seduce me further into the market’s tentacles.   Mounting confidence finally led […]