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Cơm Tấm Cháy Giòn Đặc Biệt 7 Món – 233 of 365

I could easily spend a year sampling 365 mundane yet quite sanitized dishes at Jollibee, KFC, and even some interestingly insipid takes on spaghetti over here in Vietnam.   Domino’s even entices with the convenient buy one get one free Two for Tuesday deal at the outlet in my apartment building, and Subway can scratch that itch for […]

Lunch Lady on Tuesday – 110 of 365

The fetid stink rising off the murky, presumably sewage laden canal separating Binh Thanh and District 1 envelops the short concrete bridge stretching across it.   Quick passage across is usually the only thing on my mind as our hot days stir up a maladorous air only possible in Vietnam.  On this very bridge I crossed paths with a guidebook clutching tourist obviously lost as not many westerners […]