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Shrimp Hot Pot Flavor Ramen – 250 of 365

Several weeks ago I perused the the Big C in Hue with its immense, entire aisle devoted to the ramen arts.  And when I say an entire aisle, I mean floor to ceiling ramen.  Never before in one place have I seen such a collection of sodium, MSG and fried noodles.  Kidneys implode and hearts […]

Airport Faux-Phở – 195 of 365

Let me preface this by saying that I realize a domestic airport terminal in Vietnam is not the sort of launching pad where one embarks on some amazing culinary odyssey.  The selections are geared for the most local of locals and in Vietnam this is normally a good thing.  As a friend and I waited […]

Typhoon Pakhar Ramen Noodles – 109 of 365

Typhoon Pakhar blew through and in its most disruptive wake left behind an interesting meal my chopsticks might have otherwise given a pass.  Actually I take that back…under normal circumstances I’d have never touched this mess.   Well, perhaps were I a starving college kid on a budget cheaper than even Taco Bell, maybe I would […]