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Phở Bò Beef Noodle Soup – 365 of 365

Phở.  Yes, phở.  Phở is our final stop on this diverse food journey.  What’s that?  You were expecting something a little more exotic like marinated pig bladder or five flavors chicken tongue for the grand finale?  Actually I am not even sure if those are edible parts of our barnyard friends, but I am going […]

Bò Sốt Cay Hong Kong Spicy Beef – 340 of 365

The game plan was simple.  I’d undertake one of my long megawalks and search out the latest and greatest in street food.  I’d then drop a pin in a Google map on my Iphone and send the location to a friend who’d then meet me.  Well, even the best laid plans sometimes go awry, and […]

Cơm Ragu Bò Rice and Beef Ragout – 337 of 365

As my time in Vietnam quickly winds down I am realizing how little I’ve actually completed on my to do list the past several years.  Isn’t it always like that living somewhere?  We just say one day we’ll just get around to being a tourist in our own town and then something pesky called life […]

Cơm Chiên Fried Rice – 312 of 365

Fried rice made an appearance early on in the food journey.  Back then I was somewhat skittish about most Vietnamese foods and that plate of cơm rang in Hanoi hit the spot.  Those little grains of carbohydrates infused with wok lard would have been at home in the US as well and I appreciated their […]

Chao Vịt Duck Porridge – 310 of 365

Plucked ducks hanging by their necks in the glass and metal serving cart should have been my first clue the wheels were going to fall off this meal.  My most recent meals do not seem all that exotic but then again maybe I have just become used to the strange foods out on the street.  […]

Xôi Chiên Fried Rice Pancake – 290 of 365

Hands down this sidewalk delight may go down as one of the greasiest foods I have ever encountered in my life.  Forget everything McDonald’s, KFC and their ilk may have ever taught tastebuds the world over.  This fried square even beats fried Twinkies, fried candy bars and anything else gestating in a vat of oil […]

Tôm Thịt Bò Xào Beef and Prawn Stir Fry – 289 of 365

I ordered the steak and shrimp today and didn’t even have to think twice about the price.  Well, I almost had “steak and shrimp.”  Steak and shrimp always pair so well at fancy restaurants back home, and I do enjoy that combination.  You can just imagine my delight when I spotted something vaguely similar.  This […]

Tấm Kẹp Ngũ Vị Broken Rice Burger Bites – 288 of 365

My friend Allie is in town from Hanoi and admits to not being the greatest of street food fans.  Come to think of it, she isn’t really all that great of a connoisseur of most Vietnamese foods.  That’s ok though.  Having different tastes is what makes the world an interesting place for us all, and […]

Xôi Gấc Orange Sticky Rice – 262 of 365

Had you told me six months ago that I would buy breakfast off a decrepit bicycle fully exuding dirtiness, I’d have told you that you are nuts.  Fast forward to now and my tastes have evolved and my inhibitions have dropped enough to allow me sample some cuisine that gives meals on wheels a whole […]

Tofu, Pork, and Egg – 232 of 365

Hanoi’s “cơm bình dân” joints are some of my favorite restaurants in the city.  The name loosely means “common people’s rice” and, I don’t even know where to begin for a description.  Imagine a bunch of well, common people, just like me clustered around a flimsy table groaning under the weight of pans, bowls, and […]