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Bánh Mì Tôm Chiên Trứng Fried Shrimp and Egg Sandwich – 240 of 365

Yes, I will concede this one is not a proper banh mi in the strictest sense of what constitutes a baguette based sandwich.  But this one is sold in Vietnam and underneath the cartoon cat on the wrapper is a Vietnamese label indicating this one is a gut busting tôm chiên trứng, or fried shrimp […]

Jersey vs. Saigon – 67 of 365

A friend back home was excited to try the Vietnamese sub sandwich at his office’s food court.  So excited indeed that he ate two in so many days.   Andrew must have sensed my mounting skepticism of cafeteria Vietnamese food so within minutes a couple of pictures arrived in my inbox to prove my doubts otherwise.  So we got […]

Bánh Mì The Anti-Subway – 25 of 365

During my visit to the US this past fall, the Atlanta paper ran an online thread soliciting reader recommendations for the best bánh mì, or Vietnamese sandwich, in town.  Most votes led people up and down Buford Highway which is the heart of the city’s ethnic cuisine scene.   Yes, I have sampled the sandwiches at a couple of […]