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Ốc Hấp Lá Chanh Snails With Lemon Leaves – 166 of 365

When I moved to Hanoi two years ago, my friend Phuc quickly became my food guru and introduced me to one dish after another deep in parts of town far removed from the tourists and expats.  One of the first Phuc approved street foods to cross my path was snails or ốc.  By now you’ve […]

Bún Riêu Cua ốc Crab Snail Noodle Soup – 164 of 365

Another random discovery has broadened my food world one tasty spoonful at a time.  Hem 18A is quite easy to miss in District 1 just off Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street.  Hem means “alley” but these aren’t the narrow service streets behind houses and buildings we know so well in the US.  Alleys done Vietnam style […]

Market Stall Tapas – 73 of 365

I stumbled upon a woman’s blog entry extolling the virtues of casual dining in America.  Evidently Chili’s is expanding America’s immense girth one calorie at a time with some Triple Dipper Menu where “3 Appetizers + 3 Dips = 1 Happy You.”   I don’t know about this one.  They expect me to spend $10.49 plus […]