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Nui Xào Macaroni Stir Fry – 316 of 365

I don’t want to hear another word ever again about how fatty some American breakfasts are.  I think an Egg McMuffin probably exudes more health than my latest street food find.  A mobile cooking/dispensing/restaurant unit parked next to a mildewed wall near my apartment was drawing a steady crowd. The choices were ramen or macaroni […]

Cơm Rang Fried Rice in Buon Me Thuot – 136 of 365

You may remember the recent chicken and rice meal from Buon Me Thuot in all its fat, gristle and slimy skin glory (#126).  We journey back to Buon Me for another sampling of its fine cuisine, and once again an interesting meal has been delivered planeside for my crew.   This fried rice and spring roll sample platter is part of a […]

Chả Giò Not So Simple Spring Rolls – 35 of 365

Loan’s open storefront at the corner of District 1’s Hai Ba Trung and Ly Tu Trang Streets makes for some happy eating as I methodically work my way through the menu.  I dragged my buddy Eloy over there for a late lunch recently and as usual the enticing menu made selection difficult.  Our neighbor only a few feet […]

“Yan Can’t Cook” – 33 of 365

You know that “Yan Can Cook” dude on TV who tells us we can prepare a banquet of elaborate Asian dishes in our very own kitchens?   Yeah, that’s the one and only.   Well right there on a stack of Vietnamese newspapers in the airplane galley I saw his face and wondered what in the heck is he doing on the […]