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Xôi Mặn Sticky Rice with Shrimp, Pork and Egg – 355 of 365

Xôi Mặn Unlike other sticky rice breakfasts in Saigon, this one is more savory than sweet.  Cutting the sugar and adding spice created something I rather enjoyed quite nicely.  This sidewalk delight bought off the back of a cart is a who’s who of everything possible out in the wild streets. Actually, let me back […]

Xôi Thịt Kho Sticky Rice With “Pork” – 353 of 365

Let me preface this by saying I did order the sticky rice with pork, but what arrived was only part of the complete dish I had formed in my mind. This xoi sticky rice stand on Yen Phu Street in Hanoi is definitely not a new stop on this food journey, but this particular version most […]

Xôi Xá Xíu Sticky Rice and Roast Pork – 293 of 365

Either this one was really that good or I really was just that hungry.  Perhaps in the end the great taste was driven by a bit of both.  In any case, I really did enjoy this street food breakfast served up alongside average Hanoians starting their day. This food stand sprouts out of the sidewalk in […]

Xôi Gấc Orange Sticky Rice – 262 of 365

Had you told me six months ago that I would buy breakfast off a decrepit bicycle fully exuding dirtiness, I’d have told you that you are nuts.  Fast forward to now and my tastes have evolved and my inhibitions have dropped enough to allow me sample some cuisine that gives meals on wheels a whole […]

Xôi Canh Đùi Gà Sticky Rice And Chicken – 226 of 365

The only thing consistent in Vietnam is its utter disregard for consistency.  I guess that explains the catchphrase over here of “same, same but different.”  Nothing is constant here though people think it is.  And for a country that really can’t seem to venture outside the box, I am so surprised that the chaos called […]

Xôi Chả Lụa Sticky Rice With Sausage – 144 of 365

Long walks through both Hanoi and Saigon bring me up close and personal with Vietnam’s two largest cities.  The freedom afforded by my own two feet in wandering off the beaten path is beyond description.  More so in Hanoi my presence seems to be a curious novelty to more than a few locals away from the usual tourist and expat […]