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Phở Xào Fried Noodles With Pork – 239 of 365

My hours of exploring Hanoi on foot have entered a sad hiatus as I wait out summer’s torrid sauna for winter’s cold, damp, cloudy return.  This sizzling heat bath means sticking close to the hotel on work overmights or venturing out on the motorbike only for very short journeys.  The foolishness we call driving in […]

Phở Xào Fried Noodles – 100 of 365

We have reached a milestone with meal number 100!  Most have been winners so far and this begs the question…Will 365 meals be enough to sample everything Vietnam grills, stir fries, dunks in oil, steams or otherwise dishes up?  This food journey still remains in its infancy though with so many new foods just awaiting their […]

Ramen Noodles??!! – 65 of 365

My sampling of Vietnam’s delights happens not through any prism of classical chef training or experience as a food critic but rather simply by what tastes good to me.  You and I are probably a lot alike in this way…we just know what makes us say, “Wow.  Seconds please.”  A simple Double-Double from In-N-Out Burger usually excites me more than any […]