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Sườn Nướng Grilled Pork – 247 of 365

Chinatown is quite the unique part of Saigon.  The guide book toting tourists are few and far between.  Actually let me reword that.   The tourists are mercifully pretty much nonexistent.  It’s about as non-Chinese as a Chinatown can be as well.  I can wander largely undisturbed around the streets that have seen better days to […]

Cơm Tấm Bì Sườn Nướng in America – 119 of 365

With such a large Vietnamese diaspora living in Atlanta, one would think a restaurant might attempt to offer a more decidedly Vietnamese experience.  Why not haphazardly strew some busted out Barbie doll size furniture on a sidewalk, set fire to charcoal, and char up some seriously authentic grub?   I’d squat on one of those tiny stools […]

Sườn Nướng Vietnamese Spare Ribs – 68 of 365

Arguing who knows barbecue best almost seems a sport in America…Texas, North Carolina, Memphis, Uncle Bob and so on.  Once we narrow down a region, who can even decide which is better…dry rub, vinegar, tomato based, and more.   The debate rages on with no end in sight.   Even Bobby Flay has four shows on the Food Network […]