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Sữa Chua Mít Yoghurt and Sweet Things – 320 of 365

Everything in this one is good when taken alone…yoghurt, tapioca pearls, sliced jackfruit, colorful little squares like a dense Jell-O.  But toss it all together with shaved ice and the tastes and textures go a bit haywire.  Sữa chua mít is a mosaic of weirdness in a glass bowl.  The name literally means milk sour […]

Trà Sữa Trân Châu Part III – 220 of 365

Yes, I know.  You tune in every day to read about interesting food such as sun dried squid and wait patiently to see if grilled dog shall ever make an appearance.  Sometimes the most mundane of foods create the most entertainment though.  Milk tea has made an appearance twice lately due to how bizarre a […]

Trà Sữa Trân Châu Part II – 213 of 365

Just a few days ago we visited Tapiocup in the Parkson’s food court for a passion fruit trà sữa trân châu.  Remember that one?  This is where the girl kept mentioning “petting tits” rather than passion fruit.  In case you missed it, for two years now I’ve been going to this frustrating food stall, and […]