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Đậu Sốt Cà Chua Tofu and Tomatoes – 357 of 365

In Saigon a common lunchtime dish all across town is a large slab of meat stuffed tofu drenched in a tangy, fishy tomato sauce.  A work trip to Hanoi introduced me to its cousin, đậu sốt cà chua.  I suppose this one could fall into that ever favorite saying of Vietnamese people…”Same, same but different.”  These friend […]

Tofu, Pork, and Egg – 232 of 365

Hanoi’s “cơm bình dân” joints are some of my favorite restaurants in the city.  The name loosely means “common people’s rice” and, I don’t even know where to begin for a description.  Imagine a bunch of well, common people, just like me clustered around a flimsy table groaning under the weight of pans, bowls, and […]

Tofu With Ginger – 162 of 365

Vendors taking it to the streets to earn a living peddling food is nothing out of the ordinary in Vietnam.  Walk down any street and soon enough a woman balancing a long pole across one of her shoulders will cross your path.  From this piece of wood balance two heavy baskets laden with her day’s bounty.   […]

đậu Hũ Xào Nấm Fried Tofu and Mushrooms – 158 of 365

So much for branching out and trying to be adventurous.  A pan filled with green beans, fried tofu and what I thought to be an offal of sorts enticed me into finally dropping my food inhibitions.  Since I was eating lunch with a friend, I wanted to show off  that Vietnamese food didn’t scare me […]

Bún Xào Noodles With Spring Rolls – 133 of 365

Outdoor dining in a narrow alleyway is wrought with dangers unthinkable inside our western cocoons.  While sitting down to breakfast in front of 113/4/14 Vo Duy Ninh in Binh Thanh District, which you may also remember as the bánh khọt joint earlier this week, the other diners began engaging in rapid fire banter while suddenly […]

Mì Xào Noodles and Grilled Meat – 130 of 365

Only one week back in Vietnam and any semblance of self control towards food has flown out the window.  Having copious amounts of highly edible and insanely cheap street foods has caused me to fall completely off the calorie counting wagon here.  This must be how people bound by the shackles of some fad diet feel […]

Lunch at a Buddhist Temple – 85 of 365

This latest lunch adds nicely to the growing list of meals in bizarre places. Though not rising to the level of halal fish in a dress shop, vegetarian food at a Buddhist temple definitely epitomizes the “only in Vietnam” category.  A walled oasis may shield Viet Chay Restaurant (290/21A Nam Ky Khoi – District 3) […]

Vegetarian Pork – 72 of 365

An English language commercial for PETA belting out of a clothing store’s sidewalk speaker seemed so incongruous with the very local surroundings far from Saigon’s touristland.  And how ironic that only steps away vendors oblivious to PETA’s message hacked away at various animal parts.   I highly doubt the lady cutting up the foul smelling fish […]

Đậu Hủ Dồn Thịt Sốt Cà Pork Stuffed Tofu – 30 of 365

Large blocks of tofu sitting in a dish of red liquid were the only edible looking choice in my latest takeaway visit to Café 91.  All I needed to do was email my friend Anthony a picture of my latest meal and within an hour I had its Vietnamese name, Đậu hủ dồn thịt sốt cà, along with a brief description of the ingredients.     […]