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Hủ Tiếu Chay Vegetarian Noodle Soup – 277 of 365

Some quite pleasant rain cooled morning air pulled me outdoors for a several mile walk.  Something I love about Saigon is that the same street can have so many different faces just depending on the time of the day I pass through.  The area behind my apartment is no exception, and a completely different parade […]

Thịt Kho Hột Vịt Pork and Duck Egg – 243 of 365

Remember that fertile duck egg with its feathery fetus hard boiled and barely fit for human consumption?  Yeah, that’s the one.  Sorry to jog your memory, but what if I told you that you can brag to your friends you ate this mess in Vietnam without actually having to consume the offensive crap? Vegan my […]