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Bún Gà Xào Sả ớt in America – 118 of 365

With an unusually strong craving for a grilled pork chop over rice driving me back to Atlanta’s Buford Highway, I entered Lee’s Bakery at #4005 under the same cloudlike haze as Homer Simpson dreaming about a doughnut.  If this had been a cartoon, you would have seen the words “Mmmmm. Pork chop” shimmering inside a […]

Bún Thịt Nướng Grilled Beef Noodles in America – 114 of 365

My dad’s bowl of bún thịt nướng earlier this week inspired me to find my own.  After all, this perfect combination of grilled meats, pickled carrots and daikon, rice vermicelli, and flavor packed herbs is hands down one of my favorite meals in Vietnam.  At a dollar a bowl, I find myself going back to the […]

Red Hot Flaming Pot – 98 of 365

Let’s picture this particular lunch in an American mall food court near you.   How many things can you see going wrong with this scene…a fiery paraffin ball, a red hot aluminum cooking vessel, oily boiling liquid, and raw chicken and seafood.   One bump of the table and this flaming salmonella party isn’t going to end so pretty. No, […]

Imagine This Food Joint In America – 93 of 365

I couldn’t help but wonder from which rice paddy they culled some wizened old water buffalo as I chewed and chewed and chewed some more on a rather tough piece of meat.  After a few more teeth grinding gnaws, I had to finally spit out this animal chunk looking much the same as when it had gone in […]

A North Dakota Inspired Review – 86 of 365

Perhaps by now you’ve read the March 7, 2012 review gone viral of the first Olive Garden to open in Grand Forks, North Dakota.   An elderly woman named Marylin Hagerty at the Grand Forks Herald is a food critic who seems to believe this place foisting pasta on the good folks of North Dakota is the second […]

Bún Riêu Crab Noodle Soup – 82 of 365

Saigon is a hot city. It’s quite sunny, too.  Both combine nicely to make this place feel like Miami in August by high noon.  So in this tropical heat bath is piling raw meats on dirty tables and cardboard sidewalk mats really the sanest way to purvey a perishable item?  Evidently this system works given […]

Bún Bò Nam Bộ in Hanoi – 52 of 365

When Hanoi’s Tay Ho neighborhood was home for me, my friends and I would meet at Cafe Chi Em on Xuan Dieu Road next to the Syrena Tower at least once or twice a week for some cheap street food.   When I found myself back in Tay Ho for a work overnight sampling some of my old haunts, […]

Bún Chả, My Favorite Vietnamese Food – 50 of 365

It’s pronounced boon chaaaaah with a nasally vowel sound.   It’s also the first Vietnamese food I sampled after moving to Hanoi and quickly became my all-time favorite.  My Vietnamese coworkers introduced me to “noodles grilled” at a street food restaurant whose bedraggled authenticity nuked my western sensibilities into submission.  I lowered myself onto a tiny […]