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Bánh Mì in America – 122 of 365

We have reached our final meal together in America, and I trust you are as ready as I to start exploring Vietnam anew.   This detour has served an important purpose though in just checking out the food scene across the Pacific to make some comparisons.  I think we have all become better educated the past several […]

Mì Xào in America – 121 of 365

Conspicuously absent, in Atlanta at least, are the great street food classics such as pork stuffed squid, pork stuffed tofu with tomato sauce, crispy fish filets, snails, eel, and the list goes on.  Basically we have three tiers to the  American interpretation of the Vietnamese food pyramid… well known phởs, basic grilled meats on top of vermicelli and the […]

Faux Phở in America – 120 of 365

Forgive me food gods, wherever you are, for I have sinned.  Yes, generations of cooks trained in the classical traditions of Vietnamese cuisine are now spinning in their graves.  What did I do that is so bad you ask?  I am embarrassed to even come clean about this, but let me add the caveat this […]

Cơm Tấm Bì Sườn Nướng in America – 119 of 365

With such a large Vietnamese diaspora living in Atlanta, one would think a restaurant might attempt to offer a more decidedly Vietnamese experience.  Why not haphazardly strew some busted out Barbie doll size furniture on a sidewalk, set fire to charcoal, and char up some seriously authentic grub?   I’d squat on one of those tiny stools […]

Bún Gà Xào Sả ớt in America – 118 of 365

With an unusually strong craving for a grilled pork chop over rice driving me back to Atlanta’s Buford Highway, I entered Lee’s Bakery at #4005 under the same cloudlike haze as Homer Simpson dreaming about a doughnut.  If this had been a cartoon, you would have seen the words “Mmmmm. Pork chop” shimmering inside a […]

Phở Chín, Nạm, Vè Dòn in America – 117 of 365

I dragged a friend to Pho Viet at 4300 Buford Highway in Atlanta, and her first thoughts were wow, this place is full on Vietnamese with the spartan interior and tv playing Vietnamese DVDs.  What little it takes to cause an American to perceive things as truly Asian is interesting indeed.   Perhaps it’s because we […]

Mì Quảng in America – 116 of 365

Success!  Atlanta’s Vietnamese community centered around Buford Highway finally delivered a meal much like the “old country” back in Vietnam.  And don’t worry; we will be back on the hunt for the best Vietnam offers in less than a week now with my return to Saigon this weekend.   I do hope this journey into the […]

Bún Chả in America – 115 of 365

A proper bowl of bún chả in Hanoi is one of that city’s greatest culinary inventions.   Hot coals sear tiny minced pork balls into charred medallions sealed with flavor.  Strips of marinated pork meat crisp up as the flames lick their fatty edges.  Bún chả can be found everywhere from impromptu here today and gone […]

Bún Thịt Nướng Grilled Beef Noodles in America – 114 of 365

My dad’s bowl of bún thịt nướng earlier this week inspired me to find my own.  After all, this perfect combination of grilled meats, pickled carrots and daikon, rice vermicelli, and flavor packed herbs is hands down one of my favorite meals in Vietnam.  At a dollar a bowl, I find myself going back to the […]

Phở Bò Beef Soup in America – 113 of 365

Pho Dai Loi 2 at 4186 Buford Highway in Atlanta provided my dad’s first foray into Vietnamese cuisine, and this was an interesting journey indeed.   The menu is simple enough with one page of soups, one page of rice based dishes and another with the noodle varieties.  I just couldn’t get my dad to commit […]