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Mì Hoành Thánh Wonton Noodle Soup – 278 of 365

I had no idea how to pronounce this one so I just pointed to the sign on the wall inside a typical fan cooled joint called Quan 100 at 100 Nguyen Van Lac in Binh Thanh District.  The young girl trying to take my order had me repeat after her “hwan ton.”  I thought I […]

Mì Trộn Mixed Wheat – 248 of 365

Here I am back in Hanoi for work sweating my you know what off.  This city celebrated its 1000 year anniversary almost two years ago.  This begs the question of which masochist thought this mosquito infested plain along the banks of the muddy Red River would be a most delightful locale for a city?  You […]

Mì Sủi Cảo Wonton Soup – 204 of 365

The world must be off its axis.  Back home in Atlanta the temperature soared to a record breaking 106 degrees recently and Hanoi, which should be hitting 100+ was cool, cloudy any maybe upper 70s in the morning.  This type of weather makes getting out and exploring new foods even more enticing, and that steaming […]

Bánh Gối Vietnamese Ravioli – 132 of 365

Letting the city envelop me while exploring on foot has been as good a part of this food journey as sampling all the new foods along the path.   Plenty of work related trips to Hanoi have been giving me a chance to uncover another side of Vietnamese cuisine so different than Saigon.   Most of the time […]